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Using The Latest Technology in Floor Sanding West Brompton In Floor Sanding West Brompton We Have The Lowest Prices In Floor Sanding West Brompton We Guarantee Our Work In Floor Sanding West Brompton We Have The Friendliest and Tidiest Employees Professional Floor Sanding & Finishing in West Brompton








Enjoy renewed wooden floors in West Brompton

                   A famous name from the world of musicals made a real-life appearance here in the late 1800s...

Musicals mean dancing and dancing needs a stage or at least a wooden floor.  Even when confined to less energetic pursuits, they need to be kept in good condition.


When shabbiness, marks and scratches have removed their youthful beauty, it’s time to take remedial action:

         by drawing upon the skills in floor repair and restoration from:


                             The West Brompton Floor Sanding Experts!


         Just see what we can offer...


Experience and expertise:

         from a family firm who’ve restored hundreds of floors for more than twenty years

         of every kind - solid/ engineered boards to parquet/herringbone blocks

         and whatever their age and level of condition.


The complete restoration service for your floor:

        - repairs to damaged timber


         - replacing missing areas with matching boards and blocks


        -  sanding away old paint and sealant to bare wood


        - staining for a change of colour - lighter or darker to match your decor


         - refinishing with the vital protection of natural oil, hard wax or lacquer.


99% dust free sanding


         our machines collect dust from outside your rooms -

         ensuring you get minimal mess and disruption.


         So ask us today for a free assessment of your floor.

         Contact the West Brompton Floor Sanding Specialists!

Earl’s Court opened in the Royal Jubilee year of 1887, with an entrance in West Brompton.  


‘The  American Wild West Show’ starred ‘Buffalo Bill’ Cody and that greatest of female sharpshooters, Annie Oakley.


She’s probably best known today for Irving Berlin’s tune-saturated musical, ‘Annie get your Gun’, a huge Broadway hit in the 1940s.


In real life, Annie was an Ohio farm girl who was forced to develop her talents when her father died and her mother had to mortgage the property.  She earned enough to pay this off while in her early teens.


Annie and her husband (whom she’d married at 16 after beating him in a shooting contest) performed in the show worldwide for over ten years.  Her repertoire included trick shooting with cards and mirrors - and she even managed to shoot a cigarette out of the mouth of Kaiser Wilhelm...


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Excellent Floor Sanding & Finishing in West Brompton

With over 26 years of sanding knowledge, we're dedicated to making sure that your wooden floors always get the best  restoration service there is.

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Floor Sanding West Brompton

How to use an edge sander for perfect results



Alongside the bigger drum sander which you'll use to sand the majority of your floor, the edging sander is a vital piece of floor sanding equipment. This is the sander that lets you get right up to the wall to create a flat and even finish around the room, but it's a powerful tool and needs careful handling so you don't damage the floors or yourself.


                                                                                              Preparation is key


                                                                                              Before you start edge sanding the room, remove the skirting boards, if you have them.  

                                                                                              This will make it much easier to achieve a professional finish by allowing you to sand right  

                                                                                              to the walls. Install a new sanding disk, using a medium to coarse grit, and make sure you  

                                                                                              wear safety goggles and a dust mask.


                                                                                              It's a powerful beast


                                                                                              Edge sanders produce a powerful sideways momentum, so you'll need to have complete  

                                                                                              control over the machine once you hit the power button. Just like any other kind of floor    

                                                                                              sanding equipment, once it's switched on you must keep it moving, otherwise you'll create a dip in your flooring that you'll never get rid of.


Getting the motion


Unlike the drum sander where you'll make long, smooth passes, you'll need to move the edge sander in a tight

zigzag pattern. This helps to avoid creating a kind of wave pattern that is visible when finishing the floor,

especially if you want a high shine lacquer finish. Continue for a couple of feet then do one final long finishing

swipe along the wall to ensure that this section of floor is clean, and move on.


Edging a room


Because of the way the disk is angled, you need to work clockwise round the room, so your next section of floor

sanding will be to the right of the section you've just completed. The drum sander won't get any closer to your

walls than six inches, so make sure you edge sand in a wide strip and feather in the edges using the zigzag

technique. You'll need a floor scraper to remove finish from the corners. Change the sanding disk often for best

results and you'll have a floor edging to be proud of!


Contact us at the Wood Floor Sanding Team today if you need to call in the professionals to help get that perfect finish for a room.

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